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Gary and Pat  1914 Model T Ford Touring Car



The way it was when we bought it




Beginning restoration


The day I got the registration...wasn't easy

Gary and my Dad R.C. Cannon getting ready to remove the engine

Cannon's Isabella garage ready to remove engine

Gary checking things over

Engine before removal

Making an atachment to hook to the hoist

Gary and Pat hoisting it up

My Mom Maxine Cannon and Gary after the engine is out

Body and frame alone

Ready to load engine into bed of truck

Body off of the frame

Gary painting the frame

Body and new fenders from Rotlieb back on the frame

Body at the Paint shop

My lifetime friend Larry Richardson, my painter.

The day we picked up the car and took it home. Maxine, Larry and Gary

Me and Larry. Taking my car "Pretty Penny" back home





Engine apart and cleaning...lots of cleaning

The old pistons



Tony and Richard at Tony's house rebuilding the engine

These guys really know their stuff. We couldn't have done it without them

Gary working on the engine at Tony's

Tony and Richard

The engine back together



Finished project

Tony and Gary learning how to drive

Tony teaching Gary how to drive

Pat and Mom Maxine Cannon

Pat with Mom and Dad R.C. and Maxine Cannon

R.C. and Maxine Cannon waiting for a new muffler

Pat with R.C. and Maxine Cannon








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