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   Don's Car 1919 Model T Ford Restoration





Original owner in New Hampshire

Cab on in New Jersey home, 2nd owner

Loaded up in New Jersey headed for Bakersfield

Enclosed hauler arrives in Bakersfield

Unloading T from enclosed hauler

Don & Fred bringing her Into the driveway 2014-9-15

Fred K. helping to bring her out to the back

Fun first drive in my very own Model T

Restoration begins

Engine compartment before rebuild

Engine compartment after rebuild

I first cleaned up and painted the original wheels but then decided I wanted new spokes

I made new spokes but then decided I wanted red wheels

New spokes and red wheels

My first respoked wheel

I made a new steering wheel to replace the old black one

Spring refurbishing before

Spring refurbishing after

Front seat

Front seat with new red wheels. Next step pickup bed

Changed my mind about the pickup and made a touring car instead

Reconfigured windshield and installed some floor mats

Added some step plates

Decided on camel colored seats instead of black for some reason

The top is mostly done

Interior almost the same as seat color

We went to the Brookdale car show

And we won Best of Show









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