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Cliff's Camping Trip



Cliff's Camping Trip in Alta Sierra, California 2013

I know that some of you may not respect car camping, but it has its place. Two other Montanans, a hoser from Alberta and I made a camping trip to Sequoia National Forest: clean air, cool temperatures, stars and quiet.


There were a few jeeps and pickups in that area. We had about a 60 mile drive in and 6000 ft of elevation gain. We crossed a few patches of snow and mud and there were a couple of steep spots that I wouldn't have taken a modern car across. I could almost forget that I was in California... until I had to buy gas.
We had beer, steaks, and potatoes for supper (in that order) and I baked a pumpkin pie in the Dutch oven for dessert. In the morning we had a sage, mushroom, Reggiano O'Brien inspired by the famous Ryan O'Brien, cooked on the old Maytag lid and compiled in the Dutch oven.  
I was able to enjoy my hammock after our hike too. It was a great adventure and the car ran superbly (except when the nut that holds the exhaust pipe to the manifold vibrated off.


I suppose we had more power, but it was a bit loud). Grandpa, you should feel inspired by the performance of an 87 year old car with loud exhaust.


Thank you to all who contributed to my pleasant weekend whether by a Dutch oven, Maytag lid, recipe, car, or foolish sense of adventure. May God Bless You All.









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